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5 Different types of Stucco Finishes

Stucco, commonly known as mortar, has been around for hundreds of years generally used in modern home building construction. It is a combination of water, lime, cement and sand. Mixed together, it is applied to walls as an outer protective coating. It is a popular choice because it is durable and fire resistant. There are over 30 decorative finishes that are used on materials such as wood, block, brick and drywall. In its beginnings, stucco was only gray in color and dull in appearance; however, there are many stains and colors when added to wet stucco that will make the surface more appealing. There are also and many tools that create patterns and designs giving a wall a unique custom look.

5 Types of decorative stucco finishes include:

1. Dry Dash Texture

This finish is a bit time-consuming but the results are very unique. To get this look, pieces of shell, stone chips and clean pebbles are uniformly applied to wet stucco after application to the surface. It will be necessary to use a float to embed and secure the pieces into the mortar. It is important that the materials are evenly distributed to create an even finish.

2. Swirl Texture

This finish uses a steel float that is dragged across wet mortar in an arching motion creating a unique design on the surface. The technique is swirled vertically or diagonally creating a unique design.

3. Imprint Finish

Families love this finish because imprints are made in the mortar while it’s still wet. Popular imprints include objects such as hands, feet, leaves, paw prints or by writing with a stick directly into the mortar. Use a soft bristled brush after imprinting to clean up the edges.

4. Stippled Finish

This finish uses a stiff-bristle broom or brush that is tapped at various angles into moist mortar creating a unique design when completed. For best results, remove mortar from brush often so pattern will be uniform. There are many brooms used for this technique ranging from wide to narrow bristles.

5. Wavy Texture

The wavy texture is a random design where a soft bristled brush or broom is dragged across the mortar in random strokes creating a unique soft pattern. This technique is applied while the mortar is slightly dry but moist enough for the bristles to create a design. For best results, clean bristles after applying to a 3-4 foot area.

Of course these are not the only type of stucco finishes, just a few to get your ideas rolling.  Stucco is cost effective and easy to apply. If you need additional help with your project, contact us.

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