5 Popular Concrete Ideas For Your Home

Thinking of home improvement projects this summer? Look no further than concrete as the building material of choice as you can do some amazing things with it. You can improve the aesthetics of both the indoor and outdoor of your home with it. Concrete offers many advantages because of its special properties.

  • It is durable and sustainable.
  • Extremely cheap and very easy to get
  • Concrete is waterproof and it provides anti-oxidation so it is not easy to damage
  • It can be molded for the specific space and shape you want
  • It is available in many forms- dyed, stamped, embossed, and polished

Want to know 4 popular ways homeowners are using concrete to spruce up the look of their home?

  1. The Garage Floor And Driveway

Concrete is a super option for just about any driveway or garage floor. Why? Garage floors and driveways generally withstand a lot of abuse, which shows up as stains from motor oil, paints, chemicals or gasoline. Concrete offers a durable, low maintenance finish.  Though concrete driveways and garage floors do still require some basic routine care based on weather conditions and amount and type of vehicle traffic it sees. Choosing an epoxy coating solution can make concrete floors more durable and impact resistant.

  1. Patios

The patio is just an extension of your home, so it is important to carry on the vibe from the indoors to your outdoor area. A good-looking, well maintained patio can increase the value of your home easily. Concrete is the most traditional choice for building patios, mainly because of the versatile choices you get with it. You can go for smooth and clean look or try out different striped, diamond or even custom patterns. Why not get creative with tints? You don’t have to stick to the classic light gray with the many stains and coat options you have now. Moreover, you get longevity, durability and it is highly affordable.

  1. Kitchen Countertops

The usual materials used for kitchen countertops are granite, marble, or tile. If you are tired of the same look, then concrete may be the right pick for you. A concrete countertop offers a seamless finish so you never have to worry about water seeping in through cracks and joints. But you are not stuck with shape either, concrete can be poured into a custom mold to make any shape you can think of. Using concrete for your kitchen countertop allows you to vary thickness, and also to introduce color to your kitchen. You can customize concrete to meet your preferences and get a cost-effective but unique look.

  1. Bar Tops

Are you looking to add a bar to a rec. room or your basement? Adding a bar to your home adds a classic touch to your living room. This can make a great adult space for your parties and you can minimize mess. Having a stocked bar is great for display too.  Bar tops should look good, be consistent with the rest of the theme of your interiors. When planning your bar, choose concrete, particularly because it is durable against chips, cracks, and stains. You could create curves and bends with concrete pours. You can even add in holes as part of the bar top to allow for up-lighting, making your bar area look stunning. Or go for an epoxy colored coating, to create lovely designs on the surfaces.

  1. Floors

Besides being durable and practical, concrete floors offer plenty of design and color options. Colored dyes, stains, hardeners and embedded materials, like gravel or crushed stone, add subtle colors, textures, and patterns to make each floor look unique. Imagine the multitude of different textures you can get for the look you want, such as troweled, smooth, or polished.  Concrete flooring is better suited to withstand footfall, spillage, chipping and staining better than wood, or linoleum surfaces. They are easy to clean and required only routine dusting and a wet mop. Since concrete also absorbs heat, your energy bills are lowered. They can resist scuffs and scratches. Lastly Basic concrete floors are easy to install and affordable and are similarly priced to linoleum, ceramic tile or vinyl.

If you want to add something new to your home, call Davis Concrete at (800) 910-6928! Wherever you are in Florida, we have a location close by, in Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton and Lakeland, to meet your building needs. So why wait to revamp your home?

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