6 Simple River Rock Landscaping Ideas

Front yard gives people the first impression about your home and it also has a big impact on how your house looks from the outside. Homeowners often think of plants when it comes to landscaping projects but ignore putting much thought into using rocks and stones as new ways of decorating to their front yard.  Landscaping with rocks and stones may be a complex process that requires planning and preparation but it can add color and texture to your yard. Additionally, using rocks to beautify the outside of your home gives you beautiful, long-lasting results. There are different rock varieties available according to region, size or color – from large landscaping rocks down to tiny pea gravels. In this article we will look at the different uses of river rock for landscaping design.

River rocks are affordable and easily available in bulk from your local building material supplies company or garden stores. They make a charming addition to the natural beauty of your landscape.  River rocks can be found in small palm-size to larger and heavier pieces and in a variety of subtle colors from reds or grays to cream and tan. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting river rocks. Moreover rock ground covers offer durability and longer staying power. Use river rocks to add a warm tone to your yard.

Ideas For Landscaping With River Rock

Free your imagination and use river rock for landscaping your front yard in different ways. Here are some popular design usages for river rocks-

River Rock Walkway

River rocks are popularly used as ground cover for whole walkways or driveways. Because of foot traffic durability becomes an important factor when selecting material for walkways. Rock ground cover stands up to heavy use easily for years, without needing much maintenance or replacement. You can cover the whole pathway with small river rocks or the spaces around big flat stepping stones on the way to your house. Cream or white river rocks can make pathways more visible. Using rock pathways adds an element of visual break from the greenery and it enhances the beauty of your natural spaces.

River Rock Rockery

Smaller size river rocks work amazingly well in rockeries to cover the ground between the plants and boulders. River rocks work well as planting beds because of its wonderful drainage properties, and it draws attention to your green plants and fresh flowers.

River Rock Edging

Larger river rocks work well for edging. Homeowners find river rocks to be the ideal choice for house and paths edging. River rocks can also be used as edging around trees, shrubs and garden beds. River rocks are not organic and so they will not decompose.  Therefore, river rocks offer a long-term installation solution which will not need to be replaced often. River rocks do not have to be dull as they come in many colors and sizes. River rocks works as filler for almost area in your landscape plan.  Bright colored gravel in reds and blue-gray can draw attention to any feature in your yard.

River Rock Water Features

River rocks can be used to design a dry creek bed starting from the drain spout as a landscape decoration. The river path protects your home, foundation and front yard from extra moisture and water damage. If you have a water feature in your yard, river rocks add to the charm of the natural setting and can dramatize the feature.

River Rock Walls

River rocks walls provide the perfect solution to build a fence of sorts or to mark edges for rockery or if you so desire to create design features like rock hills, for example. Wall creation with river rocks requires a lot of effort and time, but it is totally worth it.

River Rock Mulch

Mulching with river rocks helps to protect your plants and retain moisture well. In areas where water conservation is a big issue and there are dry spells, river rock mulch can reduce water loss substantially. If you have plants at your front yard, you can easily use river rocks for decoration too but they also work effectively for weed control when used in conjunction with landscape fabric.

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