7 Florida-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Florida has recently suggested new guidelines for landscaping practices which would help to conserve water, reduce runoff from the use of fertilizers, and minimize need to use pesticides. These things are not only good for your property, but also benefit us, as people. Here are several Florida-friendly landscaping ideas that you can incorporate when you do landscaping on your property.

Water Efficiently

When watering your vegetation, try to be efficient as possible and not waste too much water. This not only depletes water supply, but also may cause problems with pests. Often times, damage caused by over watering is mistaken as pest, but in reality roots growing in water logged soil may die because of the lack of ability to absorb oxygen.

Florida has water restrictions in place mandated by the government. Follow these rules to keep water usage down, which in turn will keep your plants healthier. Simple things can help as well, such as watering with a watering can or adding mulch around some of your plants.

Handle Pest Responsibly

Some insects can cause havoc on plants. Using pesticides however, is not good for the environment. The best way to treat a pest problem is to alleviate it from happening in the first place.

  • Make sure you use proper amounts of water and fertilizer when maintaining your yard.
  • Do spot checks each week to see if there are any problem pests visible.
  • Learn what insects are “good insects” and do not remove these from your area.

They often eat the ones that harm your landscaping. If you see pests during a spot check, pick them off by hand and put them in a baggy in your freezer then throw away. This will ensure they do not harm anything after disposal.

Reducing Run-Off Water

Filter water that runs through your property to protect waterways. Everything that runs off of our property will end up in the water supply. One way to filter is by planting a rain garden. This comprised of grasses and other plants which will allow more water to stay on your property, reducing the amount of run off that ends up in Florida’s waterways.

Attract Wildlife

Wildlife needs water and food to survive. If you plant the proper things, you may be able to attract wildlife to your property. Having a water supply is a great way to keep wildlife happily living on your land. Install a fountain or a birdbath to attract these creatures.

Plant Correctly

Make sure you plant the right plant in the right place. Placement of plants is very important. If you take the time to learn how to match the foliage to the conditions of your individual property, you will save on water, reduce maintenance and keep the environment safe.


Using mulch is beneficial to the health of plants on your land. Mulch can allow water to absorb into the land, giving plants a supply to thrive on even in hot Florida conditions. Adding mulch around flower beds or trees can also improve the appearance of your yard.


Recycling yard waste can be done by building your own compost. A compost pile can in turn give you rich, nutrient-filled soil to be used in other landscaping projects. It reduces the need for disposing of materials that can be reused to help your land.

Here at Davis Concrete, we go beyond simply offering bulk-landscaping supplies. Our staff also provides the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right product for your job.

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