Benefits of Using Plaster


Plaster was once the most common and popular form of interior wall finish. It may have seen a slight change in fortune ever since the pressed gypsum boards known as drywall became widely available but it is still used extensively. It originated in the mid 17th century, so you may think of plaster as a wall finish only found in historical or old homes. However, this ancient material still offers a number of benefits in modern applications. This compound can be used to decorate and stylize your homes in varied styles, ranging from Victorian to French designs. There are many advantages associated with the use of plaster for remodeling your home and some of them include:

Aesthetics and Stylization

The living space of your beautiful home needs something more than barren smooth distempered walls. Plaster adds a sense of fullness thereby accentuating the wholesome look of your home. If your aim is to instill the ‘Wow!’ factor into your room at minimal cost, this can often be achieved using plaster moulds on your walls and ceiling. There are many aspects to be considered while choosing the plaster moulds like – theme, colors, size and design. Even the slightest change in shade or depth would turn it into a work of art.

Varied designs

The possible choice of designs is practically infinite. Plaster provides varied charming design opportunities for your room like plaster cornices, architectural columns, decorative plaster ceilings, archways, ceiling domes, plaster ceiling panels, decorative corbels, plaster fireplaces, decorative vents, acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic panels.  Plaster can be cast into any imaginable shape and is ideal in many different situations. It offers unlimited design possibilities from ‘traditional European’ designs to ‘modern contemporary’ styles.


Plaster not only lends elegance and beauty to the walls but it also enhances durability. If properly mixed and applied, a plaster coating creates a stronger and more durable wall finish than drywall. The walls become stronger due to the chemical reaction that takes place when water escapes the plaster mixture. Plaster is more resistant to knocks and dents in most cases. The lath, or backing, used behind the plaster also affects its strength. A modern metal lath or tough backing boards are more durable than the thin wooden lath strips used in historical houses.

Easy Installation

One of the benefits of using plaster is the installation procedure. It is quite easy and convenient to install since it does not generate any kind of dust except for a small amount released when water is first added to the powder. Moreover, plaster doesn’t need any kind of sanding and a wall can be plastered within a shorter timeframe. It also doesn’t require sanding and, if multiple coats are used, they usually are applied before the bottom layer is completely dried. A plaster wall takes less time to finish and produces less mess.

Absorbs Noise and Deters Fire

You can hear the difference in noise levels between rooms fitted with plaster and lath compared with contemporary drywall. Plaster can absorb noise, the keys with their irregular shapes between the walls, act as acoustical and sound absorbing elements and the lime plaster is denser than new gypsum board. The traditional lime plaster material is also known for inherent fire resistance, as carbonated lime (lime that has had months to cure) will spread fire slower than traditional drywall. Additionally, there is less space or air between the wall or ceiling layers, potentially giving fire less oxygen to work with.

Plaster may be considered especially in these applications:

  • Interior plaster can be used in quality custom homes.
  • Deluxe office spaces that require an architectural impact with plaster.
  • Specialty retail space. Restaurants, boutiques and jewelry stores are just a few of the retail environments, which demand a higher standard of interior detail.
  • Public buildings and institutions with a long service life.
  • Interior plaster is ideal for churches, synagogues, university buildings, and government buildings, which are expected to last for many decades.

When you consider the long life and superior aesthetics of plaster finishes, they may take a little time to install from start to finish but they provide excellent value.

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