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Ways To Renew Your Concrete Patio On A Budget

A concrete patio looks contemporary and is perfect for backyard spaces no matter the size. Concrete patios showcase grand appeal with sharply defined edges. Concrete patios are functional, cheap to install and require little if any maintenance. Concrete patios look great and are known to last for many years as they can withstand different harsh weather conditions. Continue reading


The Right Way To Prepare For A Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway improves the aesthetics of your home from the outside and it also prevents land erosion. Moreover it also keeps your cars and garage clean. Installing a concrete driveway takes proper planning and preparation before any masonry work, whether it is a DIY project or you hire a contractor, to prevent any problems during the lay and also to help save money. Continue reading

Summer Maintenance For Concrete Driveways

Your concrete driveway has taken some abuse from fluctuating temperatures through the winter, and with summer here, it is the perfect time to inspect your driveway and get some maintenance work done. Concrete is a much favored building material for driveways, primarily because they are durable and can last for decades. Albeit, depending on how well installed they were and if they have received regular maintenance. Many people mistakenly think concrete driveways require no maintenance whatsoever, but to best ensure functionality for years to come, it does pay to clean and seal the concrete driveway. What may seem like a minor issue now may soon be an expensive problem if ignored. Here are some maintenance practices Davis Concrete recommends in order to preserve value for your concrete driveway. Continue reading

Photo of concrete swimming pool deck

Concrete Pool Deck Ideas

Dreaming of a summer oasis in your own back yard?  Concrete makes a great material choice for pools and pool decks, no matter whether you are going for the modern exterior style or one a more traditional one. The versatility of concrete and the variety of color and texture choices, make it the perfect building material for all kinds of exterior home projects like pool, paving, outdoor kitchen counters, fire pits and more. The construction of the pool requires precise measurements and surface analysis, so it is important for experts to do the job.  Getting a good foundation for the pool is vital. And for the pool deck, there are so many options to make it look attractive, even with concrete.

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, only 24% of people out of the 7.5 million pool owners in the U.S. use it primarily for swimming. This makes the pool deck even more integral to a good swimming pool design. Designing a one-of-a-kind, functional, and affordable pool deck with concrete is now easy for home owners. And the benefits are many. Not only do you gain a durable surface, it also resists excessive heat absorption, as compared to a wooden or stone deck. Concrete pool decks are slip resistant and do not become slippery when wet. Moreover, it is easy on the bare feet. With concrete pool deck you get a beautiful inviting area for sunbathing and barbecuing. A concrete pool deck is more affordable than using tile or stone too. No wonder then that concrete pools decks have been a popular choice for many years now.

Concrete Pool Deck Styles

Some of the biggest trends in outdoor design today involve concrete in various forms. With new techniques for stamping and decorative concrete application, you do not have to sacrifice look for function. You can choose from traditional poured concrete deck, stamped and decorative concrete, tinted concrete; exposed aggregate, stained concrete or concrete for edging too. You will be spoilt for choice.

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

When it comes to pool decks, you want it to be an extension of the style of your home.  If you want to focus on styling then you need look no further than stained concrete. Jazz things up in your pool deck by adding a splash of color to your concrete. Look up staining options for concrete pool decks. You can select a single color or pick a combination of colors for your deck. The stains soak right into the concrete to give you exclusive designs and colors. Homeowners and designers can express their creative side with the stained concrete pool deck. With stained concrete, you can even get stone, brick or wood finish. White on white decks are really trending now. They are built using uncolored concrete mix, which is then covered with white stain to create for a cooling effect. White does not absorb as much heat and is in fact 20 degrees cooler than the surface surrounding the deck, which is just right for a pool deck.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped concrete pool decks do not just provide a stunning look, they give you flexibility to work any look or design you can imagine. Moreover stamped concrete pool decks are relatively inexpensive than using stone or tile. Work in the labor costs and even that will be much less expensive. You can get your dream pool and pool deck without having to invest a large amount of money. The pool deck is where your friends and family gather around to enjoy food and drinks. You do not have to worry about staining with concrete nor do you have to think about concrete chipping when the chairs or tables around the deck get moved around.  Stamped concrete pool decks are also much easier to clean and maintain than any other type of pool deck surface. No worries about grout lines or filling in gaps between materials. The big concrete slabs are easy to seal and clean. All you need from time to time is a power washer to deep clean the concrete.

Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

Pools and decks are becoming more important with smaller backyards forcing the trend towards smaller swimming pools with leisure areas that flow from the indoor living space. Having a colored, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool is equally important. Pool decks now get as much attention as the exterior design of your home as both should complement each other. With decorative concrete, you can select any size, shape, color and surface treatment for your pool deck to get the look of any material you may fancy such as slate, stone or even wood. Use a combination of decorative treatments to get the look you are after. If you need to give your existing concrete pool deck a new look, you can consider refinishing it with maybe exposed aggregate or getting decorative curbing. Little designer touches with decorative concrete can improve the entire look of your pool deck.

Davis Concrete has professionals that work fast and efficiently every step of the way in creating a customized pool or pool deck for you. We have the right equipment and over sixty years experience with concrete jobs to provide the best results.  Whether you want a decorative, stamped, colored, stained, and/or sealed concrete pool deck, we can design a concrete pool deck that suits almost any setting, budget and lifestyle,

If you are interested in a concrete pool deck or have any questions, please call Davis Concrete at (800) 910-6928. It is the number one choice of contractors and concrete experts in the Tampa Bay area.


5 Popular Concrete Ideas For Your Home

Thinking of home improvement projects this summer? Look no further than concrete as the building material of choice as you can do some amazing things with it. You can improve the aesthetics of both the indoor and outdoor of your home with it. Concrete offers many advantages because of its special properties.

  • It is durable and sustainable.
  • Extremely cheap and very easy to get
  • Concrete is waterproof and it provides anti-oxidation so it is not easy to damage
  • It can be molded for the specific space and shape you want
  • It is available in many forms- dyed, stamped, embossed, and polished

Want to know 4 popular ways homeowners are using concrete to spruce up the look of their home? Continue reading

Outdoor living space on a brick patio overlooking a tranquil lake

Ultimate Design Trends For Outdoor Living In 2017

Outdoor living is very much a part of the American culture, with homeowners spending more time in the outdoor living areas than in their indoor living areas. So what are the major exterior design trends in vogue this year? On top of the “What’s Hot?” in home design list is blending outdoor and indoor living spaces to create an attractive and livable outdoor space.

The backyard has always a firm favorite among homeowners for barbecuing and enjoying outdoor games in summer or to enjoy the warmth of a fire on cool fall evenings but consumers now want more from their backyards. Outdoor spaces now are comfortable entertaining extensions that help bring a sense of nature into the home Continue reading

6 Simple River Rock Landscaping Ideas

Front yard gives people the first impression about your home and it also has a big impact on how your house looks from the outside. Homeowners often think of plants when it comes to landscaping projects but ignore putting much thought into using rocks and stones as new ways of decorating to their front yard.  Landscaping with rocks and stones may be a complex process that requires planning and preparation but it can add color and texture to your yard. Additionally, using rocks to beautify the outside of your home gives you beautiful, long-lasting results. There are different rock varieties available according to region, size or color – from large landscaping rocks down to tiny pea gravels. In this article we will look at the different uses of river rock for landscaping design. Continue reading

5 Rules For Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

concrete driveway leading to a house

Concrete driveways are extremely popular because of their durability, sturdiness and look, which needs very little maintenance over its lifetime. But if you want to keep your concrete driveway looking its best then it will need some maintenance every now and again. Concrete driveways are constantly exposed to harsh sunlight and extreme weather, which may cause cracks from expansion. Besides filling small cracks that may appear you also need to reseal your driveway every two years at least. You can hire expert help for the job if you have a large driveway.  Here are some rules you should follow to preserve your concrete driveway in the best possible condition. Continue reading

Choosing River Rock or Mulch


These days you are spoiled for choice when it comes to ground cover, you can opt for synthetic material, such as landscape fabric and recycled rubber strips, or go for natural organic mulch and natural inorganic mulch. The benefits of a ground cover like river rock or wood mulch is weed suppression, water retention and aesthetic appeal. While mulch reduces erosion and water loss, improves soil nutrition and a more balanced soil temperature, attractive river rocks prevent weed growth, helps conserve water and requires little maintenance. Read about their advantages to decide for yourself, which ground cover would be suitable for your landscaping and design needs.

Continue reading

Using River Gravel for Landscaping

using river gravel

Gravel is an angular or rounded stone material that can range between five to thirty millimeters, usually used as an eco-friendly landscaping choice. Angular gravels are a by-product of crushing from quarries and rounded gravel is sourced from river beds, beaches or from dredging channels. They are commonly used for beautification of a garden, yard, patio or pathway by designers and homeowners.  The crushed stone requires minimal maintenance while adding texture and color. Additionally gravel allows drainage being permeable, is sturdy and with more aesthetically pleasing choices in colors and textures.

River gravel consists of smooth, rounded stones in an array of colors, such as white, brown, yellow and different sizes that can be used to pull off versatile landscape designs and to easily brighten up your yard. Davis Concrete, Masonry and Landscaping offers high quality river gravel in a variety of colors and sizes for any project needs:

3/8″ Brown River Gravel
3/8″ White River Gravel
1/2″ Brown River Gravel
1/2″ White River Gravel
3/4 Brown River Gravel
3/4″ White River Gravel
1″ Brown River Gravel
1″ White River Gravel
1.5″ Brown River Gravel
1.5″ White River Gravel
(1″-4″) Deco Brown River Gravel
(1″-4″) Deco White River Gravel

Advantages of River Gravel

There are many benefits of using river gravel, here are just a few:

  • Low maintenance
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Easy to install or lay
  • Exceptionally beautiful when wet and dry
  • Hardy and tough material
  • Relatively cheap
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Permeable, allows water to drain
  • Minimal water usage

Applications of River Gravel

River gravel has a wide range of uses because of its versatility but the most popular use is in driveways. This gravel instantaneously brightens up the landscape to create a visually aesthetically pleasing look at the front of your home. When you use gravel for your driveway it requires little maintenance, especially if you have laid a fabric before installing your gravel driveway. Also gravel driveways offer an ideal drainage solution, with the rain water easily penetrating down to ensure your driveway is always flood-free.

River gravel can also be used for walkways to the front door or to create garden pathways.  You can pack in river rock tightly to create a durable, flat surface underfoot that requires little maintenance.

Another common use for river gravel is as paving around patios and or garden border to add structure to your landscape. The natural color and rounded soft sides can be used for edging to enhance the look of the lawn. The gravel blends well with all types of greenery, plants or shrubs to complement them further.

Lastly, gravel can also be used as surface mulch for garden areas, with a top-soil underneath the gravel for adequate nourishment of the plants. The gravel on the surface helps to guard against moisture evaporation and also restricts weed growth in garden beds.

These are just a few applications that show the versatility of river gravel. However, we’re sure you’ve seen or even used river gravel in a different way.

If you have any questions about gravel, stone or any other landscaping supplies, contact our experts at Davis Concrete. We’d love to help with your project.