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Ultimate Design Trends For Outdoor Living In 2017

Outdoor living is very much a part of the American culture, with homeowners spending more time in the outdoor living areas than in their indoor living areas. So what are the major exterior design trends in vogue this year? On top of the “What’s Hot?” in home design list is blending outdoor and indoor living spaces to create an attractive and livable outdoor space.

The backyard has always a firm favorite among homeowners for barbecuing and enjoying outdoor games in summer or to enjoy the warmth of a fire on cool fall evenings but consumers now want more from their backyards. Outdoor spaces now are comfortable entertaining extensions that help bring a sense of nature into the home

Creating An Intimate Outdoor Space

The design trend is more geared towards creating intimate outdoor gathering spaces with cozy seating for small gatherings. This is in contrast to the huge family-size backyards of the past. The whole concept of outdoor living centers around the convergence of indoor and outdoor living areas using glass walls, screens and extending the living space of the home outdoors. There is a smooth visual and physical transition from the indoor area to the outdoor space, which can also be used as living room, kitchen or family room. In 2017 the design trend is for merging outdoor and indoor retreat areas. So a perfect way of bringing the essence of nature indoors is by incorporating a sun-room. Consider screening in a porch to create a sun-room. You can even transform tucked away corners near windows in your home into a sun-room by setting out a few chairs to relax in Similarly, the outdoor area is no longer limited to a grill and dining table for outdoor cooking and eating. Now the stress is on including a fire pit and lounge seating. 

Fire Features

Fire pits and outdoor BBQ grills are extremely popular as focal outdoor features among designers and homeowners. Traditionally, the fireplace in the living room fireplace was where family and guests gathered together and the campground fire was one for the annual family vacation. But contemporary outdoor living merges these old traditions with outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls and concrete fire pits. Today propane-fueled fire features offer a cleaner and much easier operation, making this outdoor living design trend ever more popular. It is better to arrange outdoor lounging around a fire feature to extend the months of use for an outdoor living area as a family room.

Outdoor Retreat Areas

Outdoor living space now includes anything from basic decks, porches, patios and grilling areas to fully furnished outdoor rooms, complete with furniture and other amenities. More homeowners now entertain outdoors so they have become extensions of interior spaces, for the perfect outdoor living space. Think an outdoor entertainment system, a chiller and so much more. The entire idea of outdoor living is to extend the living space of the home outdoors so that the outdoor space can be used as another living room, kitchen or family room.

In the luxury home market, highly elaborate, expensive, full-service outdoor kitchens with professional-rated appliances, multiple cooking surfaces, and bar seating. Concrete counter tops and prep space with brick ovens and grills in the outdoor kitchen has seen renewed interest in all markets.

Unique outdoor retreat spaces can easily be created with a deck and yard. Think a dining area with a table, chairs or a cozy seating area with wicker chairs around a fire pit. Use concrete pavers to lead to a relaxing retreat, such as a yoga garden, or a small bench overlooking the garden and the water feature. Outdoor retreat areas can be designed around the home owner’s interest areas or for comfortable living and dining rooms.

Extend the Evening with Lighted Landscapes

Another important aspect of the outdoor living trend is making sure these landscapes have creative and functional lighting. Outdoor lighting can ensure that you enjoy the outdoor spaces for longer and even after dusk. There are many styles of modern outdoor lighting available such as electric, solar and gas-powered lights which can help ensure that your outdoor living space gets maximum use. The right kind of lighting can show off your beautiful outdoor space. Dramatic colored lights or accent lighting along walkways and technological enhancements like Wi-Fi and TV installations are just some neat ways to get your garden looking snazzy!

There is an increase in the popularity of hardscape material like concrete in outdoor projects because of its durability and natural textures and flexibility of design elements. Concrete offers homeowners a variety of decorative choices from large-format sizes and natural look and texture. Concrete provides versatility in shape, color, and style too, enabling unique creative touches. Most importantly, concrete can be formed to fit any design brief, even with backyard space restrictions.

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