Why Choose Concrete for Garage Floors?

Empty garage

If the look of your old garage floor is bothering you, then it is time to take action and replace it immediately. Garage floors take a lot of wear and tear from motor oils, chemical spills, machine fluids and road salts that enter your garage through the winter season. You may no longer be able to hide those hard to remove motor oil stains or the cracks that keep getting larger on your garage floor.  You can avoid spending on fixing up other surface problems and still improve the way your garage looks by opting to replace your garage flooring. It may be worth your time looking at all the options on hand when it comes to laying a beautiful, new garage floor, before selecting one that can withstand hard conditions. Garage floors definitely have to be tough and durable but they must also have some visual appeal. An attractive garage space doubles up as a fully functional extra room and also increases the resale value of your property.

Cost Effective

Concrete floors are cost-effective and affordable compared to other flooring options. Concrete floors are built to last for years, so installing one works out cheaper in the long run too.  Good weight-bearing concrete slabs in garages that’s ready for staining, or coating is easy to install and comparatively inexpensive A basic concrete floor will cost the same as ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl or carpet and the rate for more decorative complex, concrete floor design is at par with or less than granite, marble, or high-end wood.

Easy Maintenance

Homeowners and businesses prefer concrete floors because they require very little repair work and are built to last for years due to the densification and polishing process. Concrete floors require very basic cleaning with a dust mop to keep its shine for years. When it comes to deep cleaning just a neutral cleaner and water can be used to make the concrete floor sparkle. The concrete floor may require more frequent maintenance, depending on the traffic the floor gets. When there is a lot of traffic, it is better  to protect concrete floors with a good film-forming sealer and a sacrificial floor wax or finish to make them more resistant to stains, chemicals and abrasion. It is easy to patch cracks and scratches on concrete floors.  Concrete floor stains and dyes seep deeper beneath the surface to provide permanent color that won’t chip, peel or lighten. They are great in regions with a lot of sand or snow.


People are attracted to concrete floors because of the design versatility and wider color choice they offer. Stained or colored concrete finishes are popular choices and can even be made to resemble tile, slate, or marble. You can also customize and enhance concrete floors with decorative stenciled borders, coloring options, like painting, dying, or tinted sealers, and other one of a kind graphics. Besides the traditional decorative finishes that concrete floors offer, there are trendy finishes available for a modern look like polishing and metallic epoxy coatings. Concrete polishing gives the floor smooth and high shine polished stone look, which never requires waxing. With concrete floors one is spoilt for choice and they enhance the design.

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