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Concrete - A Fundamental Building Block of Construction

Concrete Masonry

While building methods have changed over the years, concrete remains one of the most versatile and important materials for all construction projects. From walls to highways, concrete remains at the core of most building foundations. Selecting the correct mix and supplier is vital to ensure you get safe, accurate and quality results.  

The Davis Advantage

At Davis Concrete, we have more than 60 years of experience supplying concrete to everyone from residential homeowners to some of the biggest government contracts in the state. We have locations in Tampa, Lakeland, Bradenton and Clearwater with a fleet of trucks that efficiently cover seven counties and most of the west Central Florida area. Meanwhile, our staff of trained experts can answer any questions you have about your project. We can help you calculate yardage, recommend proper materials, do takeoffs, consult on specific mixes, and recommend the proper contractor for your project. We will tailor the ideal solution for your needs.

For Contractors, Davis:

  • Is the area's leading supplier to the local municipalities.
  • Has more than 40 trucks that ensure quick delivery and uninterrupted pours.
  • Is able to pour more than 100 yards of concrete an hour.
  • Has 60 years of experience and reliability.

For Homeowners, Davis:

  • Has a team of experts that can help tailor a solution for any project.
  • Can mix small batches for do-it-yourself, residential jobs.
  • Offers unmatched customer service.
  • Is a family-owned and operated business with a first-rate reputation.

Click the links below to learn more about the concrete solutions we can provide for you.

concrete mixing trucksMixed Onsite Concrete and Pumping

Quick, convenient and with no waste, mixed on-demand and at your location from our fleet of trucks.

pouring concreteShotcrete

Pneumatic velocity pressure pumped, wet mix concrete (including aggregate), typically used in pool shell construction among other open, vertical or overhead applications. NOT to be confused with gunite. 

mixing concretePervious Concrete

A cornerstone of environmentally sound construction and an ideal choice for flatwork projects such as parking lots, streets and walkways.

davis construction siteInsulating Concrete Forms

Highly energy efficient, stronger than conventional CMU block, environmentally-friendly, concrete-filled stay-in-place forms that are simple to stack and cost-effective.

At Davis Concrete, our expertise in concrete building solutions is unmatched in the area. Call us today to see why our motto is Done Once. Done Right.