Florida Insulating Concrete Forms

Insulating Concrete Forms

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF's) are made from EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) panels and synthetic nylon webs. They are insulating because they remain in place and continue to insulate as opposed to insulated forms, which are removed once the concrete is placed.  ICF's are modular forms designed to be filled with concrete after the steel is placed and are used to build walls, floors and roofs. Stacking ICF's is very similar to stacking Lego's.  Insulating Concrete Forms can be shaped into a tight radius if necessary and can accommodate arches for windows and doors. With an Insulating Concrete Form, rebar is snapped into the webs, eliminating the need for traditional steel ties. No ferring strips are required in modern ICF's as the webs have greater pullout strength than traditional wood studs. All traditional finishes can be applied to the interior and exterior of Insulating Concrete Forms.

Insulating Concrete Forms are an outstanding choice for buildings of all sizes, from single-family residences all the way up to tall skyscrapers. Insulating Concrete Forms are highly energy-efficient, saving up to 70 percent more energy than traditional wood and CMU structures. ICF's are an ideal choice for LEED and environmentally sustainable building projects and are much stronger than typical structural components (i.e. wood, concrete block), withstanding projectile impact at speeds of 300+ mph.

Advantages of Insulated Concrete Forms

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For Contractors

  • Quick to construct.
  • Offers a host of flexible building options.
  • Lightweight and easier to erect.
  • Less laborers on site. 
  • Meet LEED and many higher-energy-savings standards.
  • Government tax incentives. 

For Homeowners

  • Stronger than typical stick frame or CMU.
  • Significant noise and allergen reduction.
  • Energy efficient, yielding reduced energy costs for the long term.
  • Resistant to mold, rot and mildew. 
  • Better homeowner's insurance rates.

The Davis Advantage-We're Experts in Insulating Concrete Forms and Green Building

At Davis Concrete, we are area experts in supplying Insulating Concrete Forms for both residential and commercial construction. While ICF's themselves are fairly simple, an experienced supplier can help you from planning, engineering and layout to completing the interior and exterior finishes. Anyone can sell you something and then walk away. We will help you calculate exactly what you need for your project, including the bracing, steel, connectors, bucking system, J runner etc. Once the material has been delivered, we will continue to help you every step of the way until the project is complete. Our level of customer service and decades of experience has made us the choice of contractors as well as homeowners throughout the entire state of Florida. 

At Davis Concrete, we can provide the right solution for all of your LEED building projects. Call us now.