Florida Shotcrete


Shotcrete is a form of concrete that is “shot” at speeds of up to 200 mph from a high-pressure air hose attached to the concrete-pumping truck. Delivering the concrete mix this way compacts the mixture, helping remove the voids and air bubbles that would otherwise weaken the concrete once it hardened.  Some people refer to shotcrete and gunnite interchangeably. However, shotcrete technically only applies to the “wet-mix” form of delivery, in which the aggregate and water are mixed together before reaching the hose. This allows for better control of water in the concrete mixture and the use of larger size aggregate than in gunnite, in which the water is mixed on delivery at the hose. 

Shotcrete is ideal for pools, tunnels, vertical applications, overhead applications or any area where conventional concrete pumping would be more difficult. 

Benefits of Building with Shotcrete

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For Contractors

  • Allows for more precise mixtures.
  • Requires less, if any, formwork.
  • Produces less rebound on delivery.
  • Is cost-effective and efficient.

For Homeowners

  • An excellent choice for swimming pool construction.
  • Can be easily delivered in hard-to-access areas.
  • Carries all of the advantages of concrete.
  • Is durable and environmentally sustainable.

The Davis Advantage

At Davis Concrete, we have six decades of experience in supplying and delivering shotcrete. We are the leading supplier to swimming pool contractors in the Tampa Bay area. Our fleet of more than 40 trucks and 4 strategically placed plants, ensures consistent, on-time deliveries every time. Whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner with a remodel project in mind or a large scale commercial builder, Davis Concrete can promptly service your needs. We even have the ability to provide same day service quite often.

Davis Concrete has the expertise necessary for your shotcrete needs.  Call us today.