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Stucco and Plaster-The Most Versatile of Finishes

With their roots in ancient history, stucco and plaster are still two of the most popular finishes for modern buildings. Plaster and stucco can be used to create almost any desired result and are cost-effective with an excellent ability to hold paint. Keep in mind that stucco and plaster are sometimes used interchangeably, while the two are similar, they have important differences that effect their use.


Like plaster, stucco is traditionally made of an aggregate, a binder and water. Modern stucco is generally composed of Portland cement, sand and water, with lime added to increase its permeability. Stucco is generally applied to the exterior of buildings, but is occasionally used as a decorative interior finish as well as a sculptural medium. Stucco may be colored by either adding pigment such as oxide to the mix or it may be simply painted once it has had enough time to cure.

Stucco is typically applied in three coats, a scratch coat, a brown coat and a finish coat. The material should be placed over wire mesh to increase durability and longevity. The finish coat can be sanded, smooth or textured based on your preference.

Among the Benefits of a Stucco Finish

  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable
  • Plaster


Typically used as an interior finish, plaster usually starts as a dry powder mixed with water or a pre-mixed paste. However, plaster remains relatively soft after setting, allowing it to be finished and textured with tools or sandpaper. Plaster also holds paint well after setting and is more durable than simple drywall mud. This makes it a popular choice for interior walls and ceilings.

A Plaster Finish Offers an Array of Benefits

  • Long-lasting
  • Takes a short time to apply
  • Produces little dust
  • Does not require sanding
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