Florida Gravel & Stone

River Gravel: Both Versatile and Beautiful  

River gravel is an ideal landscaping choice when you are looking for a material that combines an attractive look with exceptional durability.  River gravel consists of smooth, rounded stones in an array of colors and sizes. 

Ground Cover in Gardens

River gravel helps protect against moisture evaporation and limits weed growth in garden beds. Gravel is dense and lasts quite a bit longer than traditional wood mulch. River gravel provides the much needed protection against our harsh tropical climate here in Florida.     

Ponds and Water Features

The color and shape of river gravel perfectly complements ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, giving your water features a more natural appearance. Gravel can also help keep water clear by reducing the amount of dirt and mud dispersed from water features with natural bottoms. 

Edging and Walkways

The deep hues and smooth texture of river gravel make it ideal edging for gardens, while properly prepared gravel can also be a good choice for walkways. Well-packed gravel can be used in a backyard by itself or in combination with stone paver steps. Because gravel is permeable, it will help prevent water accumulation and can solve drainage problems. For a more durable walkway without the worry of the material being dispersed by foot traffic, gravel can be mixed with concrete to create an “exposed aggregate” finish. 

Follow These Tips to Landscape Like a Pro with River Gravel

  • To reduce weed growth, spread a layer of newspaper on the ground between your plants before you lay your river gravel.
  • Place railroad ties or other barriers along the sides of river gravel pathways to keep the gravel within the path.
  • Mix different colors of river gravel in ponds for a more visually striking appearance.
We provide river gravel in both brown and white color variations and in sizes to fit every project

3/8" Brown River Gravel
3/8" White River Gravel
1/2" Brown River Gravel
1/2" White River Gravel
3/4 Brown River Gravel
3/4" White River Gravel
1" Brown River Gravel
1" White River Gravel
1.5" Brown River Gravel
1.5" White River Gravel
(1"-4") Deco Brown River Gravel
(1"-4") Deco White River Gravel

We offer our high-quality river gravel in bulk quantities. Whatever your plan calls for, you can rest assured that you'll have enough gravel to complete your job. Our experts can give you advice on the best way to bring out the most in your landscape with river gravel as an accent or a functional covering. Call us today.