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LEED Building-The Industry Standard in Environmentally-Friendly Building Certification

Leed/Green Building

Green building is one of the fastest-growing segments of the construction and building maintenance industry, offering a host of both environmental and financial advantages. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the industry standard for green building. Simply put, LEED is a comprehensive program that addresses a building through its entire life cycle, from design and construction to operation and maintenance.  Developers and owners earn points based on their use of approved green building supplies and techniques. These points lead to ratings that both recognize the building’s green design and can qualify owners and developers for financial incentives ranging from tax rebates to zoning allowances. 
Benefits of LEED
  • Reduce operating costs while increasing property value.
  • Reduce consumption of energy and water.
  • Qualify for financial incentives such as tax rebates.

Because LEED is a comprehensive green-development program, a wide variety of building and maintenance projects, including construction and landscaping jobs, fall within its ambit. The LEED program includes a variety of categories applicable to different building and maintenance jobs. Each category then contains prerequisites, or requirements that must be met for LEED certification in the category, and credits, or optional elements that earn points for LEED certification. Upon completion of a project, third-party auditors verify the site’s compliance with the strategies that will ultimately give it LEED certification. 

"Green" Building with Davis Concrete

Our future generations are counting on us to keep Earth healthy and beautiful. Renewable and efficient use of energy is paramount. When you build an energy efficient structure and use easily renewable, local resources to do it, you make a minimal footprint impact on the environment. Whether you are doing a small project or want a full LEED certification, we can help. 

LEED is an important, yet complex, certification standard. As not all LEED certification categories are relevant to all jobs, it’s important to understand LEED categories and the requirements that are appropriate for your building project. At Davis Concrete, we can help lead you through that process. Additionally, we offer many of the supplies that serve as the foundation for LEED certification in both building and landscaping areas. 

LEED ServicesLEED-friendly Materials

From Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) to environmentally friendly hardscape material, we offer a variety of green supplies to help achieve LEED certification.

LEED ServicesLEED Services

Providing more detailed information on LEED and its requirements for contractors and homeowners alike. 

For advice and assistance with your LEED project, or if you merely want a more environmentally friendly strategy for your job, contact us. At Davis Concrete we have the resources, equipment, and the expertise for your green-building job, regardless of its scope. Put our six decades of experience as the area’s preeminent building materials supplier to work for you. Call us today.