Florida Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone Adds Luxury to Your Landscape

Using stone in your landscaping carries a range of benefits from better drainage to erosion control. That said, decorative stone goes farther, adding a tremendous shade of beauty to your outdoor area. Decorative stone comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures. We offer a selection of stone that will undoubtedly cover your functional and aesthetic needs at the same time. 

Groundcover and Landscape Accents

Stone serves as excellent ground cover and allows rainwater to seep through to the soil below. This protects against evaporation, which in turn minimizes the need to water as frequently. Decorative stone can also retard weed growth and help prevent erosion. Decorative stone can provide a unique contrast to surrounding foliage.  Meanwhile, stones such as lava rock and granite can help highlight everything from statuaries to water features. 

Walkways and Edging

Smaller stones that are properly laid and compacted serve as excellent natural walkways, while larger stones make beautiful edging. The proper size stone can help serve as a natural barrier to prevent guests from accidentally treading across a flowerbed or garden. 

Choose the Perfect Decorative Stone for Your Job

Selecting the type of decorative stone for your landscape is generally a matter of personal taste. However, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Choose rounded, smooth stones for walkways.
  • Lava Rock, is light, porous, crushes well and is a good choice for areas where drainage is important.
  • Firelite, features shades of red, caramel, gold and black. As firelite has the same qualities of lava rock, it is an excellent choice for groundcover and landscaping.
  • Lime Rock provides a powerful-looking natural groundcover. Larger pieces are ideal for edging. Because lime rock changes soil acidity, it should not be used around rhododendrons and other plants that need acidic soil. 
We offer decorative stones to meet every landscaping need and taste, including:

Red Lava Rock
3/4‚" Green Granite
#57 Limerock
#78 Limerock
#89 Limerock
1.5‚" White Marble Chips
3/4‚" Brookstone
Dixie Pink
River Jacks
Seminole Chips
And Much More

Using decorative stone is both environmentally beneficial and gives your landscape the visual “pop” you are looking for. At Davis Concrete, we can help you select the decorative stone that will perfectly complement your landscape. Contact us today and let us help you turn your landscape into a showplace,