Florida Shell

Shell-A Unique Look in a Long-Lasting Package

Using shell as a landscape accent is a popular choice for Florida homes. Like river gravel, shell is used as durable, environmentally friendly ground cover. Shell can provide drainage and reduce weeds in your garden. Various species of palm trees along with other tropical plants and trees flourish when planted with shell around the root system. Many people use shell for walkways and driveways to maintain the natural Florida aura around their property. It comes in a variety of colors, is strong and lends a unique, more beach-like appearance to your yard. 

Shell can be used throughout your landscape, including:

Groundcover and Edging: Shell is a colorful option that will help your soil retain moisture and limit weed growth. With its variety of colors and shapes, you can choose a look that serves as a striking contrast to your plants, or one that blends seamlessly with your garden. Shell can also serve as a natural barrier to mark the outline of a feature such as a flowerbed. 

Driveways and Parking Areas: Shell is an ideal base to use in driveways and parking areas because of its durability, drainage benefits, and natural appearance. It also serves as a less expensive, greener alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt. Both oyster and coquina are solid choices for shell driveways. A well-compacted path or driveway can last a long time with the right maintenance. 

Walkways: Using shell in walkways and paths is an inexpensive option for green landscaping and xeriscaping. Shell allows rainwater to seep into the soil below, reducing worries of water accumulation or runoff. Additionally, shell pathways help complete the look of a beachside, or natural Florida-style landscape. 

Tabby Stucco: Tabby is an old building method with a shell finish. Now shell is cast into stucco to create the same effect. Any shell may be used depending on the desired result. There is a specific method to creating a tabby stucco finish. We recommend a skilled professional do the work for you. 

At Davis Concrete, we carry a variety of quality bulk shell, including:

FL Shell 3/16-9/16"
Fl Shell 5/8"-1.25"
Fabulous 1/2" Shell
Fabulous 2"+ Shell
1/2" Coquina Shell Small
1" Coquina Shell Large
1/2" Oyster Shell (SMR)

Using shell is economical, environmentally friendly and will accentuate your curb appeal. It’s important to have enough shell to complete your job. At Davis Concrete, we stock tractor-trailer loads of shell. Our fleet of trucks ensures you’ll receive it on time, keeping your job on schedule. Fill out our online quote form or call us today to discuss how we can bring that true Florida feel to your doorstep.