Florida Mixed Onsite Concrete and Pumping

Mixed Onsite Concrete and Pumping

Mixed Onsite concrete is concrete manufactured to a set recipe and batched right on the job site. This process allows special mixtures to be created based on the specific needs of the job and also guarantees you will never get a "hot load," as the material is mixed right there on site. You can never order too much concrete, as the truck stops batching when you say stop, keeping you from paying for more concrete than you can use (minimums apply). Our trucks have the ability to create "slurry" to prime (lube), the concrete hoses on a pump job. This feature eliminates pump priming charges from the pump company.

Mixed Onsite - Expertise Makes The Difference

Utilizing the correct concrete mixture is vital to longevity and performance. To produce the ideal mix, you must consider the aggregate size and density, type of sand, Portland blain count, water content, air entrainment, as well as any add mixtures you may require.  All need to be in perfect balance to ensure workability, strength and of course desired finish upon completion. This is where our knowledgeable concrete experts can help you produce the concrete you need to succeed. At Davis Concrete, we have the experts you need to walk alongside your project from beginning to end.

Mixed Onsite Concrete Offers a Host of Advantages

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For Contractors

  • The ability to tailor a mix to any kind of job.
  • On-site mixing, that ensures no waste. You get only what you need.
  • The ability to pour continuously, speeding construction. 
  • The ability to change mix designs on the same truck instantly
  • The ability to shut down for a period of time to perform necessary tasks on site without the concrete setting up in the truck. 

For Homeowners

  • Concrete will not begin to harden in the truck if additional time is needed to place (charges may apply).
  • The ability to produce small batches for home projects.
  • If you over-order a little, you only pay for what you use (minimums apply).
  • Hydraulic chutes that swing back and forth, helping to place the material.
  • Fast delivery and great customer service.

Concrete Pour Calculator

Find out how much concrete you’ll need on your next project with our concrete pour calculator. Simply enter the measurements of your concrete slabs, footing or columns. Our calculator will let you know how many cubic yards or pre-mix bags of concrete you’ll need to finish your job.

The Davis Advantage

Davis has been delivering Mixed Onsite concrete throughout west Central Florida since the 1960s. Our experience is unmatched. In fact, we introduced Mixed Onsite concrete to Pinellas County. We are the area’s leading supplier for municipal contracts. We eliminate all possibility of waste by mixing our concrete on site, which in turn helps you meet your budget. Our fleet of trucks provides you maximum flexibility, ensuring quick delivery for small jobs as well as continuous, uninterrupted pours for larger projects. 

Call us and allow us to help you with your concrete project.