Florida Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete

As the name suggests, pervious concrete is designed to be porous while offering the strength and stability of traditional concrete. The major function of pervious concrete is to allow rainwater to seep through it and into the ground below rather than running off of the surface.  Pervious concrete eliminates a majority of the pitch typically required for flat slabs to direct water into retention ponds and storm drains. It's porous nature allows water to seep naturally into the ground, making it more environmentally friendly and a great component of "green" construction projects.

Pervious concrete is made using a mixture of large aggregate, with little to no small or fine aggregate. It is this mixture that gives the concrete its permeability. Pervious concrete is an ideal choice for a variety of flatwork applications, from driveways to parking lots, residential streets and pedestrian thoroughfares.

Advantages of Pervious Concrete

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For Contractors

  • Is cost-effective and speeds the development process.
  • Eliminates the need for stormwater retention and piping systems.
  • Eliminates the need and associated cost of installing gutters.

For Homeowners

  • Can reduce "heat island" effects.
  • Eliminates precipitation collecting.
  • Helps protect streams, water and other ecosystems.

The Davis Advantage

At Davis Concrete, we are experts in supplying pervious concrete that is important for any green-building project. Moreover, we‘re knowledgeable in LEED building protocol and can help you in your sustainable building project, regardless of its size. From supplying pervious concrete for an environmentally friendly driveway to government road contracts, we have the expertise and resources to supply your needs. 

Do you have questions about how pervious concrete can fit into your green-building plans? Call us today.