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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pool Contractor

Who hasn’t imagined how awesome it would be to spend the summer relaxing by the pool in one’s own backyard and what a fun attraction it would be for family and friends? But getting your dream pool designed and built can quickly turn into a nightmare in the wrong hands. After all pool construction is a big project and can take weeks or months and you only get one chance to pick the right pool contractor for the job.

Unfortunately there are many scam contractors around eager to take your money and bungle up the job after!  When building a new pool, it is important to do due diligence when determining who will be the best pool builder for the job. You are better off with a contractor who is professional and experienced. Here is our list of things you need to consider before you take the plunge and decide on the best pool contractor:

Prepare A Plan

You should have a plan in hand before you start building a swimming pool. Find out what type of pools are being built in your area and whether they are predominantly in ground, above ground, gunite, fiberglass, etc to help determine the kind more suitable for your area. Then consult a pool professional to determine the site, size and shape of your pool that will be a good fit for your yard. You need to choose a pool type that will suit your lifestyle and budget so work on figuring those out and possible maintenance costs.

Then select a pool builder who specializes in the type of pool you’re building, like concrete pools maybe which is extremely popular. For concrete pools, builders pump wet concrete through a hose and shoot it from a gun onto steel-reinforced walls. Then it is plastered, smoothed, and painted.

Research The Pool Contractor

Do due research when choosing the company you’ll be having in your backyard for weeks. You should select a pool builder with experience and one that is acknowledged in the industry as a reputable, quality contractor. Try to get recommendations from previous customers, family, friends or neighbors.

Also look up the credentials of any swimming pool contractor. Go with a well- established business running for years, with a solid reputation and local experience.

Take a look at their website for relevant company information, portfolio of past work, and testimonials. This will make you feel more confident in your selection.

Check Out Accreditation

Thoroughly investigate the pool contractor’s current state of licensure and certification. The pool contractor should be a member of an accredited organization and have the appropriate registrations, certificates, and licenses to construct pools in your state. Ask about the pool builder’s insurance and liability cover too.

Then you can also check the pool builder you’re considering with the Better Business Bureau (   You can search by zip code to find many companies listed there. A company must be in business for at least 12 months, properly, address matters quickly and not have an unusual volume of complaints to get a fair rating by the Bureau.

Ask For A Timeline

Building pools are a time taking project. For example, it can take between three to twelve weeks to install a concrete pool. Concrete pools are considered the strongest, most durable type of pool. Choose a pool builder who will create and uphold a reasonable timeline. Before you begin construction, you want to be sure it gets completed on time. There is nothing worse than having a hole dug in your backyard or a finished pool that is cracked or leaking.


Last but not the least, you should choose an accessible contractor. Your pool contractor should be easy to get in touch with and ready to answer questions. When building a pool you want friendly customer service, fast work of the highest quality, and a dependable company you can trust.

It may seem like going to a lot of trouble and doing an awful lot of research to find the best pool contractor but since your pool is a long-term investment, you really want to make sure you’re choosing the best contractor for the job.

Davis Concrete has over six decades of experience in supplying and delivering both your materials and fulfilling your contracting needs. Besides being the leading supplier to swimming pool contractors in the Tampa Bay area, we are also expert concrete pool shell contractors. Our motto is “Done Once. Done Right.” If you ever have any questions about concrete pool construction or materials supply, please call Davis Concrete 1-800-910-6928.

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