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The Benefits of Mixed Onsite Concrete

Mixed Onsite concrete is an important innovation that offers a variety of advantages in a construction setting. When it comes to the average construction project, concrete is an integral part of the process. However, traditional methods of mixing and monitoring concrete are not always plausible: effective concrete require careful, intensive supervision. This is where mixed onsite or ready-mix concrete shines, as it has been developed to counteract the common downsides of the concrete managing process. Quality Control One of the most important aspects of mixed onsite concrete is that the quality of the material is far easier to assess. When mixing concrete traditionally, controlling the ratio of water to concrete demands a certain amount of labor and experience. While a few skilled workers can often handle this issue without problem, the labor costs and risks involved in assuring a precision mixture are far beyond the typical cost of mixed onsite concrete. Reducing Costs On the average construction site, free space is a crucial aspect of a smooth workflow. Materials and personnel are moved from place to place quite regularly, and anything in the way must be moved quickly. However, traditional methods of mixing and stocking concrete often fail to provide this necessary mobility. Transport Time Even in the event that there is plenty of room available at the site, transporting concrete does nothing to maximize the skills of workers; a highly skilled electrician should not be wasting their time on a few buckets of concrete. In order to reduce transport time, concrete must be conveniently located, but this often means that it will be competing with other materials and personnel for the most accessible locations. Labor More importantly, the general labor involved in traditional methods of mixing concrete are significant. Multiple types of material must be transported to the site itself, and that material must then be unloaded, placed, mixed and maintained. Additionally, if a mistake is made in the mixture, the entire process of transporting, mixing and maintaining the concrete must be done once more, and this translates to effectively double the labor cost. Mixed Onsite concrete comes in a specialized truck with minimal loading and unloading times. It is highly mobile and requires very little space to store. The ratio of water to concrete can be precisely controlled to ensure the proper consistency and functional properties. With all of this considered, the average job site would likely benefit from the switch to mixed onsite concrete, as it is generally a more efficient, reliable tool. Learn more about our mixed onsite concrete and pumping services.

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